Accountability systems

The Broadcasters’ Code of Conduct, adopted in 2009, is part of the Law on Broadcasting and is mandatory for all TV and Radio stations. The Law on Broadcasting, which defines it as “a normative act, passed by the Commission […] determining the rules of conduct for license holders.” The Georgian National Communications Commission is charged with monitoring broadcasters’ compliance with the code. The law obliges all broadcasters to have their own codes of ethics.  

The Georgian Charter of Journalism Ethics is an association of journalists, editors and media managers, who are signatories of the Georgian Charter of Journalism Ethics comprised of 11 principles of ethical and professional conduct. The charter was adopted in December 2009. It is active in building a community of journalists, who pursue quality and ethical journalism. The charter has a board, comprised of highly regarded journalism professionals, to review complaints and cases of journalism ethics violations and issues judgements. The functions of the charter are similar to press councils.