News agencies

A number of local and international news agencies operate in Georgia.  The trend is for news agencies to expand their content offerings beyond headline news, adding long-form, feature and analytical stories, interviews, and multimedia content. Thus, news agencies are transforming into digital news outlets, targeting general users rather than news media clients. and as news agency catering both to media audiences and media organisations, and get most hits, according to (see under Digital media). Other top news agencies are: PrimeTime, GHN, IPress, Info News, Leader, Info 9, is the news agency of the Georgian government, available in several languages.  

RegInfo is the agency of choice for regional news. RegInfo collects content from Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Mtskheta Tianeti Information Centers.  

The agencies are independent, profit-making enterprises, however, news agencies also show the signs of political and commercial pressures. Most news agencies are based in Tbilisi.   

Russian-language news agency are NovostiGruzia and Sputnik Georgia. Sputnik Georgia is part of Kremlin-backed Russian-language news network Sputnik, and is also available in Russian and Georgian.  

International agencies are represented in Georgia: Reuters and Associated Press have regional bureaus, while Bloomberg, BBC and APAimages have freelance correspondents based in the country.