There are hundreds of commercial radio stations in the United States, many belonging to large chains, since the Federal Communication Commission relaxed rules on the number of stations a particular company could own. The top ten companies account for about 50 percent of revenue; the top three are iHeart Media, with 862 stations, CBS with 117 and Cumulus Media with 449. Most emphasize music and have little news or discussion of public affairs. About 10 percent of listeners tune to "news/talk" formats at any given time of day, however. Talk radio is often highly partisan, and it was in talk radio that the reemergence of partisan media began in the US The top-rated radio talk shows are conservative shows, including The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show, and have audiences around 13-14 million daily.  

National Public Radio has gained audience particularly since the 2016 election, with its flagship news broadcasts drawing about 14-15 million listeners daily, making them among the most significant news broadcasts nationally. NPR has also had success with a new market in podcasts, with several million people a year downloading its podcasts.