Accountability systems

For the past several decades Somali journalists have not been required to obtain licenses or abide to any regulations. Yet, this has been changing in recent years, especially in South Central Somalia. Currently, the state requires journalists in South Central Somalia not only to register but also to take on a one-year degree in journalism. And this provision is one of the specific provisions NUSOJ is working to change together with the parliament. It remains to be seen if this provision will be removed from the media bill. Furthermore, most media outlets do not have adequate editorial policies therefore it is difficult to implement the media law.

Though, as yet, there is no systematic regulation of broadcast or print media in Somalia. The government is weak and only controls small parts of the country. There are various self-governing regions with their own laws and agendas Therefore media accountability is weak and almost non-existent. There is often no recourse for news consumers to complain to individual radio stations or TV networks. There are no official ombudsmen or similar press complaints commissions you may have in other media environments.