Audience measurement organisations

MediaAuditFinland performs circulation audits for print media - newspapers, magazines and periodicals - and their online editions. The founders and owners of MediaAuditFinland are publishers of newspapers and periodicals and advertisers as well as media and advertising agencies.

Circulation audits are reported for printed copies and since 2012 for digital copies, too. Total circulation equals the total amount of sold print newspapers and digital editions. Audits are performed for around 400 print and digital publications every year.

The Finnish National Readership Survey (NRS) has been formulated and implemented jointly with the print media industry and is owned by MediaAuditFinland. The data collection is executed by TNS Gallup Finland. The survey includes analysis of readerships, reading habits and profiles of the main publications in Finland. Digital reading and general media usage data is also collected. The survey is based on 26,000 telephone interviews and 9,500 online respondents.

In-depth circulation reports are only available to subscribers. Various summaries are published in newsletters on the website. Main circulation figures are available for searching and sorting online.

Finnpanel measures television viewing and radio listening for the broadcasting media. The company was founded in 1975 and is owned by A.C.Nielsen Finland and Kantar TNS.

The trends of TV and radio usage in households and by individuals are monitored. The main results are published online and in press releases, where fresh TV and online TV ratings, radio listening and yearly summaries are available.

The main customers are the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, the Bonnier company MTV, Sanoma Corporation’s Nelonen Media, radio association RadioMedia and the Markkinoinnin, teknologian ja luovuuden liitto (Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity - MTL).

Kantar TNS (until 2016 under the name TNS Gallup Oy) is part of data investment management group Kantar, one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups. Kantar TNS publishes company-specific studies of digital measures website traffic and carries out customer feedback analysis and usage studies on digital media and the Internet. Weekly statistics of Finnish websites since 2004 are available on the TNS-Metrix website.

Statistics Finland/Mass Media Statistics produces official statistics in Finland. Statistics under the topic culture and media describe mass media and culture from various perspectives. The statistics show the division of people’s time between paid employment, household work, hobbies, media and culture use, physical activities, social participation and social relations. Tables and charts are available for download for further analysis by the users.

Mass media statistics include data on mass media economy and consumption, newspapers, magazines and periodicals, radio, television, online media services and international comparisons. Data for mass media is available at the Mass media statistics' table service. Cultural statistics include several mass media-related topics, such as books, libraries, cultural magazines, music, theatre, films, visual art, cultural events, public support of culture, labour force and education in the field of culture, culture in the national economy as well as international comparisons. Data for Culture is also available at the Cultural Statistics' table service.