Analysing the importance of the Congolese media, in terms of classification order, is at the same time analysing the question related to their financing and their productions, which is dependent on the context and the political circumstances of the country. The politicians, usually members or close to the powers in place, are the most demanding applicants for space in the media and they are the best players by their frequent visibility and simply by their political speeches without any real impact. It can be said that media revenues come largely from the payments received from the policies. It goes without saying that the importance of the media in order of ranking is often dependent on a "politically correct" behavior as each of the policies and each of the regimes think particularly to safeguard their brand image and not of promoting debates of ideas in a pluralist framework and freedom of expression. In most cases, media production is limited to conveying policy monologues or direct exchanges between journalists and a political actor. Few productions bring together several policies at once or several politicians and other social actors around an open debate. In the current context, this importance is as follows:




Digital media

Opinion Makers