Professional development

There is little emphasis on continuing education or professional development among journalists. Sufficient training and education of TV professionals have not accompanied the sudden boom of TV and radio channels. The bulk of the new TV reporters have come from the print media and started working without any formal training. Some experienced TV journalists have left the state broadcaster PTV to work at the new TV channels.

In recent years, civil society organisations have collaborated with international media and development organisations to arrange trainings for media practitioners. Such trainings have generally focused on safety and security challenges for the country’s journalists and to some extent on ethical journalism, again with an eye to journalist safety. The number of journalists trained and indeed the organisation of such trainings depends on funding by donor agencies. The emphasis on journalist training generally does not come from media organisations, with the possible exception of some TV channels. Media organisations generally nominate senior staff members for trainings organised by NGOs. Generally, the same journalist is sent to multiple trainings from one media house, leading to widening capacity gaps among the staff and a reduced likelihood of the trainings being put to use.