Journalists associations

The Myanmar Press Council was established under the transitional government and is now a body charged with investigating press disputes and advocating on behalf of journalists, and ensuring journalists comply with the ‘media ethics’ they have helped to outline. The Myanmar Broadcasters’ Association was formed in 2016, as an umbrella group that included 15 media agencies at the outset. The group’s aim was to bring Myanmar’s broadcast media into line with international norms, by providing training opportunities and workshops through donor-partner agencies such as DW Akademie.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Myanmar is, somewhat confusingly, an organisation for local employees of international news organisations. The Foreign Correspondents’ Club (that is, foreign journalists working inside Myanmar) cannot be said to exist in any formal capacity; however they have been known to hold meetings from time to time.

There is an active local chapter of PEN, which was established in 2013. A donor-funded initiative aimed at promoting the role of women in journalism