Opinion makers

There is no official or legitimate body that may undeniably list the most influential blogs or opinions makers. Accordingly it requires identifying these blogs and their runners among the Alexa list of most visited websites.

In this list it appears that the TV and radio anchorman and producer Jean-Marc Morandini is a prominent opinion maker in media and communication; his eponymous website – launched as a personal blog in 2005 – is ranked 6th most visited French-speaking blog. It’s directly followed by Presse-citron that covers social media, Internet and high-tech news, a personal blog launched by Eric Dupin in 2005 that turned into a professional website run by a newsroom. Another influential blog focused on geek culture and Internet is Korben, run by Manuel Dorne, ranked 9th.

Regarding to political, social or religious content, the biggest online community is run by Alain Soral, via his website Egalité et Réconciliation (E&R) ranked 10th most visited blog and 273rd most visited website. Like his friend Dieudonné M’bala M’bala who runs the site Dieudosphere.com, Soral is considered to be one of the most influential opinion makers and leaders for the youths and people who reject elite and mainstream media and politics discourses. Their opponents blame them for being anti-Semitic and disseminating Plot theories. The first religious blog, ranked 16th, is Al Kanz, a blog run by Fateh Kimouche since 2006 that covers news on Muslim economy and promotes the halal products.

In commerce and brand communication many influencers develop their own YouTube channel as well as create accounts on other social media (mainly Instagram, twitter or Facebook) in order to promote brands and products, mainly for fashion, beauty or food; they are called “youtubeurs.” We estimate that only 10 percent of them have turned their initial hobby into a rewarding job.